She started her career 25 years ago, as a performer with INBAL PINTO DANCE COMPANY (Israel). During these years she has worked with SOL PICÓ, LAPSUS, by Alexis Eupierre; COBOSMIKA, by Olga Cobos and Peter Mika; MUDANCES, by Angels Margarit; ANDRES LIMA, Madrid; HANS WERNER KLOHE, Berlin; LE BOUSSONIERE, Switzerland; VERONIKA RIZ, Italy, or STEPTEXT DA.CO, Germany.

In 2008, she created her own dance and theatre company, VERO CENDOYA CIA. Along these 13 years, she has developed both personal projects and collaborations, with national and international professionals, specially focusing on social issues: projects on breast cancer, autism, patricide, social inclusion... Her works have been performed in several festivals and theatres worldwide.

VERO CENDOYA CIA. differential value lays both on the integration of professional dance with multiple collectives, such as people with mental disabilities; and on the interaction between dance and other arts, like artistic painting, cinema, transvestism, poetry, or football players.



Her iconic project LA PARTIDA combines professional football players and professional dancers; it has performed in more than 15 countries, and prestigious festivals as ALMADA Festival, in Portugal, TANZ IM AUGUST in Berlin, or FIBA in Argentina. It summons Vero Cendoya’s work from those years (small and medium productions) and has been awarded Catalan Critics Award 2015 and Moritz Award of FIRA DE TARREGA 2015. Also, it received 2 MAX Awards nomination. https://verocendoya.wixsite.com/lapartida

After more than 80 shows, LA PARTIDA has evolved into a social transformation project. The performance was different every time, thanks to the participation of the different local communities and realities of each venue, like townships in Argentina, young artist students from Sweden or youngsters with fewer opportunities from El Salvador. In 2025 LA PARTIDA will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a new project based on social transformation, including the participation of teenagers at risk of social exclusion.



Thanks to all the experience gathered with LA PARTIDA, and 7 years working in the dance field with people with mental disabilities in the JUNEDA INCLUSIO Project, VERO CENDOYA CIA. will now grow into a bigger and challenging project for the first time: BOGUMER (or Sons of Lunacharski). Premiere on January 23rd 2021.

BOGUMER is an inclusive and intergenerational dance-theatre project including 5 VERO CENDOYA CIA. Performers and 2 performers with mental disabilities. God’s judgement as the trigger point to talk about the research of one’s own identity and the social manipulation methods, all with lots of humor and poetry, two of the iconic values of the company.

The company is working together with MAR GÓMEZ CIA in the new creation ALOHA FROM HAWAII, a street show that will be presented in Festival Sismògraf on april 2021.

LAS ANTAGONIC@S. An intergenerational project connecting 2 opposite worlds: transvestism and dancing. 3 transvestites and 3 dancers will explore the bond between these 2 artistic disciplines. With humour, they will reflect on topics as femininity, masculinity, fear of the future or ageing. A physical dialogue on life and life on a stage.