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Vero's Paintings

Besides being a choreographer, Vero Cendoya is also a painter and illustrator.

Since 2000 she has been collaborating with the Galería Safia with the exhibition Hipermercado del Arte at the ISLA De ARTE.

Her works are part of the scenography of the TV series JET LAG, starring T de Teatro and produced and broadcasted on TV3.

He has also had several solo exhibitions in Barcelona and abroad and has published 4 children's books:

  • GRIASONS de la Editorial AUDITORI EDUCA, organised by the Auditori de Barcelona.

  • MOMENTARI together with the NATS NUS dance company, as part of the Dan Dan Dansa 2009 project to bring dance closer to children, organised by the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona.

  • ARRUGATS by Editorial LA GALERA, a collaboration with the journalist Carles Capdevila

  • MAYA I EL YOGA, by Editorial LA GALERA, , a collaboration with the actress Mamen Duch, from T de Teatre.



+34 655 116 638

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