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Rehearsal and creation space of the VERO CENDOYA Company. 


La Palomera is a space for creation and rehearsal managed by the Vero Cendoya Company. An open space in the city of Barcelona and its creators located in the centre of the city, very close to the Mercat de Sant Antoni.

The space is the headquarters of the company and its main rehearsal room, but it is offered to other companies or artists to have a space in the centre of the city where they can develop their needs.

La Palo also hosts the La Palomera Laboratories, which aim to be a meeting place for professionals from the sector, working in an artisanal and close way.


Room: 10m x 9m

Linoleum: 8m x 7'5m

(Parquet floor)

Height: 5m

Natural light

La Palomera

Comte Borrell 121 (between Sepúlveda and Gran Via)

Barcelona  08015

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