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Vero Cendoya

Nascuda to Barcelona in 1976.

Vero Cendoya combines her career with an interpreter, teacher, painter, illustrator and choreographer.

Born in Barcelona in 1976, Vero Cendoya combines her sixth career as an interpreter, teacher, illustrator and choreographer.

It is going to form like a ballerina in it'Institute of the Theaterfrom Barcelona, after graduating, he will continue his training with the companyTrisha Brown Dance Company and Movement ResearchIn New York in 2002 she will study with two teachers with David Zambrano, Jenifer Monson, Jeremy Nelson, Kristie    Simson, Katy Duck, Julyen Hamilton, Nienke altres. As an actress, she will train with Txiqui Berraondo and continue her training with intensius courses with Alejandro Catalán, Andrés Lima, Blanca Portillo and Pablo Messiez, among others.

Since 2008 he has studied theater with Txiqui Berraondo and continues his training with intensius courses with Alejandro Catalán, Andrés Lima, Blanca Portillo and Pablo Méssiez, among others. 

As an interpreter he has worked with figures such as Sol Picó, Mar Gómez, Olga Cobos, Peter Mika or Andrés Lima on the national scene. A l'estranger, both companies with Inbal Pinto Dansi Company, Hans Werner Klohe, Le Boussniere, Veronika Riz and Steptex DC


I am a motion assessor and choreographer of the shows DJT and L'ANGEL EXTERMINADOR by Blanca Portillo and a management advisor in companies such as Sol Picó and Senza Tempo.

The last creationBOGUMER, an inclusive show created with Isra Solà and premiered in April 2021 at the Mercat dels Flors, and is now going to create a show,ALOHA FROM HAWAII, in collaboration with choreographer Mar Gómez, premiered at Festival Sismsògraf (2021). 2019 createsÓRDEGO TO THE BIGat the costat d'Arantza Lopez, spectacle included dins of the Simbiòtic Festival, at the National Theater of Catalonia. He has also directed the project at the cost of Jordi PérezBARRICIDI which is going to present at the GREC Festival in 2019.

Segueix on tour withTHE MATCH, to theaters and festivals in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America, show winner of different awards in 2015 and finalist in two Max Awards 2016. Also the showIF (last design), created at the expense of the journalist Natza Farré and presented at the Villarroel and the Sala Àtrium, as well as being part of the Barcelona District Cultural program.

From the age of 8 years, he combines artistic projects with socials that work with people with intellectual disabilities and vulnerable colectius comHUNTING FOR THE UNICORN, SOCIAL RAID, BARRICIDI, LA PARTIDA, KAE TEATRE SOCIAL, among others.

in 2008cShe has her own dance company, Cia. Vero Cendoya,At the end of these 13 years, he has developed many personal projects with collaborations, both national and international professionals from different disciplines such as theater, painting, transformism, music, poetry or soccer, focusing especially on social issues: projects on breast cancer, autism, parricide, social inclusion... The six works have been represented in various festivals and theaters around the world.



  • Critics' Award 2015 for the Best Show of Carrer per la PARTIDA.

  • Moritz Award from FiraTàrrega to the Best Show 2015 for the PARTIDA.

  • Finalist for 2 MAX Awards for the PARTIDA.

  • Finalist for two DANSCAT awards (2012) for professional trajectory

  • INCUBADORA Award of the Festival Panorama per l'últim peix.

  • Awarded to the International Short Film Festival of Inshadow, Portugal, for the ÚLTIM PEIX

  • Audience Award at Festival Escènia de Teatre Jove, Valencia, for Natures mortes d'una ànima.

  • Special award from the public at the XII Choreographic Contest of Madrid for 18-28.

  • Adele Madau candidate for the best musical composition Premis Max 2021 per BOGUMER.

  • Vero Cendoya candidate for the best choreography Premis Max 2021 per BOGUMER.

  • BOGUMER candidate for best dance show Premis Max 2021

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