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Vero Cendoya

Born in Barcelona in 1976.

Vero Cendoya combines her career as an interpreter, teacher, painter, illustrator and choreographer. 

Born in Barcelona in 1976, Vero Cendoya combines her career as an interpreter, teacher, painter, illustrator and choreographer. 


She trained as a dancer at theTheater InstituteBarcelona, after graduating, he continued his training with theTrisha Brown Dance Company and Movement Researchin New York in 2002 where he studied with teachers such as David Zambrano, Jenifer Monson, Jeremy Nelson, Kristie    Simson, Katy Duck, Julyen Hamilton, Nienke Rehoorst, among others .


Since 2008, he has studied theater with Txiqui Berraondo and continued his training with intensive courses with Alejandro Catalán, Andrés Lima, Blanca Portillo and Pablo Messiez, among others.


As an interpreter, he has worked with figures such as Solo Picó, Mar Gómez, Olga Cobos, Peter Mika and Andrés Lima on the national scene. Abroad, with companies like Inbal Pinto Dance Company, Hans Werner Klohe, Le Boussniere, Veronika Riz and Steptex DC 


And she is a movement consultant and choreographer for the shows DJT and EL ANGEL EXTERMINADOR by Blanca Portillo and a management consultant for companies such as Sol Picó and Senza Tempo.


His latest creation,BOGUMER, an inclusive show created with Isra Solà and premiered in April 2021 at the Mercat de les Flors, and at the same time created a show,ALOHA FROM HAWAII, in collaboration with choreographer Mar Gómez, premiered at the Sismsògraf Festival (2021).  CreaÓRDEGO TO THE BIGtogether with Arantza Lopez, inclusive show within the Symbiotic Festival 2019, at the National Theater of Catalonia. He has also directed, together with Jordi Pérez, the projectBARRICIDISthat was presented at the GREC Festival in 2019.


keep on tour withTHE MATCH, to theaters and festivals in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America, show winner of different awards in 2015 and finalist for two Max Awards 2016. Also the showIF (the last wish), created together with the journalist Natza Farré and presented at La Villarroel and Sala Àtrium, apart from being part of the Barcelona Cultural District program.


As an illustrator and painter, she has collaborated since 2000 with the Safia Gallery with the exhibition Hipermercado del Arte at ISLA De ARTE. His works are part of the set design for the television series JET LAG, starring T de Teatro and produced and broadcast on TV3. He has had different individual exhibitions in Barcelona and abroad and has published 4 children's books: 

  • GRAYSONSfrom Editorial AUDITORI EDUCA, organized by the Barcelona Auditorium.

  • MOMENTARYtogether with the Cia. Dance NATS NUS, as part of the Dan Dan Dansa 2009 project to bring dance closer to children, organized by the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona. 

  • WRINKLESfrom Editorial LA GALERA, a collaboration with the journalist Carles Capdevila. 

  • MAYA AND THE YOGA, from Editorial LA GALERA, a collaboration with actress Mamen Duch, from T de Teatre. 


For 8 years he has been combining artistic and social projects that work with people with intellectual disabilities and vulnerable groups:


  • BARRICIDIS, a social project directed with Jordi Pérez, with some twenty residents of the Pueblo-Seco neighborhood that offered a polyhedral vision of the gentrification process that the neighborhood is currently experiencing.

  • Collaborating with FiraTàrrega, Stockton International Riverside Festival (UKI) and TEN Artes, Vero directed and performed with Becki Parker, a person with autism, HUNTING FOR THE UNICORN.

  • SOCIAL RAID, a project led together with Ramón Giné and Anna Barrachina that is based on bringing together performing arts professionals with vulnerable groups to create an annual show with a small tour. 

  • In each performance ofTHE MATCH, Vero Cendoya and Adele Madau, choreographer and musical director, hold workshops involving local artists from each city where it is performed.

  • ORDEGO IN A BIG WAY, directed with Arantza López, was born from a common apprenticeship with six actresses with and without functional diversity. An inclusive show, including Interpretation with Catalan Sign Language, audio description, tactile visits, subtitling and magnetic loop.

  • BOGUMER (or sons of Lunacharski), inclusive and intergenerational show, 7 performers with and without intellectual disabilities. It represents the clearest commitment to the inclusion of people with disabilities in the professional dance and theater circuit.


In 2008 he created his own dance-theater company,Inc. Vero Cendoya, which is characterized by collaboration with artists from different disciplines such as theater, painting, drag, music, poetry or football.


His shows have been presented in countless theaters and festivals in Spain and in countries such as Italy, France, Belgium, El Salvador, the Netherlands, Chile, Argentina, Portugal, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, China and Taiwan, among many others.


Since then he directs theLa Palomera Creation Center, which is also the headquarters of the company.



  • 2015 Critics Award for Best Street Show for LA PARTIDA.

  • Moritz de FiraTàrrega Award for Best Show 2015 for LA PARTIDA.

  • Finalist for 2 MAX Awards for LA PARTIDA.

  • Finalist for two DANSCAT awards (2012) for professional career.

  • INCUBADORA Award from the Panorama Festival for The Last Fish.

  • Award for Best International Short at the Inshadow Festival, Portugal, for EL ÚLTIMO PEZ

  • Audience Award at the Escènia de Teatro Joven Festival, Valencia, for Bodegones de un alma.

  • Special prize from the public at the XII Choreographic Contest of Madrid for 18-28.

  • Adele Madau nominated for best musical composition Max Awards 2021 for BOGUMER.

  • Vero Cendoya nominated for best choreography Max Awards 2021 and 2022 for BOGUMER.

  • BOGUMER candidate for best dance show Max Awards 2021 and 2022

  • Natalia D'Annunzio candidate for best female dance performer Max Awards 2022 for BOGUMER.

  • Pau Aulí candidate for best costume design Max Awards 2022 for BOGUMER.

  • candidate a better light design Max Awards 2022 by BOGUMER.

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