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IF(The last wish)


"We desire according to who we are. We get frustrated by who we are. The role we play here.

We desire what we desire, it will always be within certain margins. We will not go beyond.

That's why we fill ourselves with rituals.

Who wants to go further when you can go far enough by blowing out a candle?"

Three women. Three sisters. They have just fulfilled their mother's last wish: to be buried in the camping plot where they have shared so many moments.

The stage turned into a camping plot. A universe in which movement and words are mixed in a total way, at the service of a dramaturgy centred on the theme of desires.

A show in the tone of an acid comedy with a humour that borders on the extreme. Between the sensitivity that only the poetics of movement can reflect and the more immediate everyday life that gives power to the word.

Direction: Vero Cendoya

Creation & interpretation:

Alba Florejachs

Gloria Sirvent

Vero Cendoya

Direction assistance: Mercè Vila

Inspired by a text by: Natza Farré

Light desing: Sylva Kuchinow

Costume: Laura García

Scenography: Sebastià Brossa & Sergi Corbera

Production: Lídia Serrat

Administration: Joan Fabregat


Special thanks to: Marta Perez, LA PALOMERA, Ramón Ginè, Isra Solà, Jordi Larrea, Anna Barrachina.

A coproduction by Cía.VERO CENDOYA, Teatre Foment de Juneda and ICEC.



Show unavailable in English.

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