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KEBO (mapa de la pell d'un cos)

Estrenado el 24 de mayo al Mercat de les Flors

'The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places." 
Ernest Hemingway

KEBO (mapa de la pell d'un cos) is a project that speaks of the need for collaboration in different spheres and moves between the memory of the individual and collective body.


A choreography that traces the collective scars.


In many times and for recent events, we have been told that the body and any trace of it must be suffocated, that pleasure and pain must not be exposed and that the skin must be the last margin, the edge, where the subject has to contain its sensibility.


That is why with KEBO we want to give back to the body the value it possesses and rescue it from oblivion and automation.


KEBO is a celebration of the body and its memory.

Idea and direction: Vero Cendoya / Dramaturgy: Vero Cendoya, Isra Solà y Adele Madau / Original and live music: Adele Madau /Interpretation and creation:  Aran Vazquez, Antoine Normand, Carla Ramos, Jem Prenafeta, Adele Madau, Hannah Zwaans, Vero Cendoya y Lídia Serrat / Assistant director: Barbara Meneses / Costume design: Pau Aulí / Costume assistant: Raquel Ibort / Lighting design: / Stage design: Albert Ventura /Voice-over: Marta Marco / Artistic residency: Espai de Marge y CLAPS Lombardia / Photos: Kiku Piñol / Management: Jaume Prenafeta / Production: Lídia Serrat / Administration: Joan Fabregat /Trainee student: Elisa Garza

A coproduction by Cia. Vero Cendoya, Mercat de les Flors, El Canal-Salt and Circuito Claps SpettacoloDalVivo

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